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VideoApr 2015

Baotou toxic lake, China

(2:53) An artificial lake in the industrial city of Baotou, Inner Mongolia in China, is the dumping ground for radioactive, toxic waste from the city’s rare earth mineral refineries.


VideoAug 2015

20 signs China's pollution has reached apocalyptic levels

(5:07) A quarter of million people die every year from pollution, and according to the Chinese government, China will be completely out of water by 2030!

VideoNov 2015

Belarus emission test


VideoApr 2012

Tar sands, the dirty truth

(11.39) Tar sands development is the largest industrial energy project in the world and is causing huge environmental damage to land and water affecting an area the size of England, or Florida.


VideoDec 2013

Heavy fog in China

(0:53) Heavy fog covered parts of China's Anhui Province causing serious air pollution and severe traffic delays.

VideoAug 2018

1973 computer predicts end of civilisation as we know it

(10:27) In 1973, Australia's biggest computer predicted trends such as pollution levels, population growth, and availability of natural resources.

VideoMay 2014

Ocean Confetti

(2:57) In many ways, plastic is the perfect material. It is strong, flexible, durable and cheap. But there's a dark side.

VideoJun 2019

Plastic tide | Port of Durban, South Africa

(0:27) Over 300 tons of plastic floats in Durban harbour after the city flooded.

VideoSep 2019

NowThis | Greta Thunberg experiences 'Pollution Pods'

(3:51) Michael Pinsky's 'Pollution Pods' displayed at the UN Youth Climate Summit simulate the air quality in various cities around the world.


VideoSep 2012

The Republican Party's threat to the environment

(8:56) Climate change is probably the most important and urgent issue facing mankind, but Republicans still put profits of big business first.