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94%VideoAug 2018

1973 computer predicts end of civilisation as we know it

(10:27) In 1973, Australia's biggest computer predicted trends such as pollution levels, population growth, and availability of natural resources.

94%VideoApr 2015

Baotou toxic lake, China

(2:53) An artificial lake in the industrial city of Baotou, Inner Mongolia in China, is the dumping ground for radioactive, toxic waste from the city’s rare earth mineral refineries.


94%VideoMay 2018

The Indoor Generation

(3:08) We spend 90% of our life indoors, and it is affecting our health and wellbeing.

93%VideoNov 2015

Belarus emission test


92%VideoApr 2012

Tar sands, the dirty truth

(11.39) Tar sands development is the largest industrial energy project in the world and is causing huge environmental damage to land and water affecting an area the size of England, or Florida.


88%VideoSep 2012

The Republican Party's threat to the environment

(8:56) Climate change is probably the most important and urgent issue facing mankind, but Republicans still put profits of big business first.


88%VideoDec 2016

Why cities should plant more trees

(3:10) Over 3 million people die annually from air pollution. Planting trees can help lower that number.

88%VideoJan 2017

Bill Nye discusses Donald Trump's energy secretary pick

(7:56) We could power the world renewably if we just got going.

88%VideoMar 2018

David Katz - The surprising solution to ocean plastic

(11:53) Social plastic, the bitcoin for the Earth.

88%VideoMar 2018

Ocean currents bring plastic, so much plastic!

(2:34) Diver captures shocking images of himself swimming through a sea of plastic rubbish in Bali.