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94%VideoDec 2017

Warren Buffett on GOP tax cuts and consequences

(11:50) From PBS interview with Warren Buffett. June 2017.


88%VideoMar 2013

Richard Branson on philanthropy

(2:16) Virgin boss Richard Branson explains how with his position of power, it would be sad to just carry on accumulating wealth and not give back to society.


88%VideoNov 2013

The Giving Pledge, a new club for billionaires

(12:32) Charlie Rose reports on the Golden Age of Philanthropy


87%VideoJan 2012

Olivia Wilde on her humantiarian work

(1:55) American actress (Tron: Legacy, Cowboys & Aliens) and board member of Artists for Peace and Justice, Olivia Wilde, talks about a new type of philanthropy that doesn't just involve rich older people with cheque books.


87%AnimationJun 2015

Philanthropy, is it really that good?


80%VideoAug 2013

Bill Gates 2.0, the man you don't know

(13:28) In 2008, Bill Gates stepped down from Microsoft to concentrate on making the world a better place.


44%VideoNov 2017

How Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are changing the world

(2:45) Bioethics professor Peter Singer explains how Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are changing the world like no other humans in history.