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VideoFeb 2012

Self-levelling pool table on a cruise ship

(1:29) Pool on the high seas? Gyroscopic self-levelling pool table on cruise ship 'Radiance of the Seas' in action during rough weather.


VideoSep 2010

Pacific Sun cruise liner in heavy seas

On board CCTV show P&O's cruise liner Pacific Sun lurching violently when it ran into an intense storm north of New Zealand (2008)


VideoMar 2010

Huge waves slam cruise ship

Amateur video taken aboard a cruise ship shows a massive wave smashing windows and flooding parts of the vessel. Two passengers died and 14 were injured when the wave struck the ship which was sailing near Spain Wednesday.

VideoJan 2012

What happened on cruise ship Costa Concordia?

(2:22) Captain Francesco Schettino, the man who sank the Concordia, was stripped of his ship after he ran it into rocks off the Italian coast.


VideoMay 2013

North Korean cruise liner

(2:07) Cunard better watch out, North Korea has launched itself into the glamorous world of cruise tourism.


VideoNov 2015

Cruise ship extension

(3:31) Cruise ship not big enough? Time-lapse shows that's not a problem.

VideoSep 2016

Giant cruise ship destroys tiny marina

(2:21) Carnival Vista's disastrous sail-by.

VideoOct 2016

The most technologically advanced cruise ship in the world

(10:07) Quantum of the Seas is the world's second largest cruise ship, but size isn't everything.


VideoJan 2012

Night-vision view of Costa Concordia evacuation

(1:37) Dramatic infrared footage of passengers and crew escaping the stricken luxury cruise liner, Costa Concordia.


VideoApr 2012

Hurtigruten up the Norwegian coast

(5:25) Time-lapse of the 2,600 km/134 hour journey of Norwegian cruise liner "Hurtigruten" from Bergen to Kirkenes, described by some as the world's most beautiful sea voyage.