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96%VideoAug 2014

A-10 Warthog, the most survivable plane ever created

(5:57) PBS NewsHour interview with Pierre Sprey, one of the original designers of the A-10 Warthog in the 1970s.


96%VideoSep 2014

LINE-X spray makes anything unbreakable

(2:15) Game changing product with super powers. LINE-X is a protective spray that makes almost anything indestructable.


96%VideoApr 2016

The Peter Principle: The scientific reason everything is a bit shit

(8:40) We live in times of seemingly unending progress - and yet somehow things still always go wrong. Meet The Peter Principle.


96%VideoMar 2017

Stability, instability and train tracks

(7:25) Japanese mathematician Tadashi Tokieda demonstrates how trains stay on their tracks.

96%VideoOct 2017

Another cool demonstration of inertia


96%VideoDec 2012

Climate 101

(4:34) Bill Nye demonstrates climate change in a tabletop experiment that even deniers can get their heads around.


96%VideoJul 2012

Port Authority's crazy plan to raise Bayonne Bridge

(5:00) The Bayonne Bridge, which connects Bayonne NJ with Staten Island NY, is too low for new super-container ships. The Port Authority are planning to solve this problem by raising the bridge. This is how.


96%VideoApr 2013

Bill Moyers - Ending the silence on climate change

(52:46) Scientist Anthony Leiserowitz, director of the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication, describes his efforts to galvanise communities over what’s arguably the greatest single threat facing humanity.


96%VideoMay 2013

Quantum cooling to near absolute zero

(9:57) Complex physics made slightly less complex. Professor Andrea Morello explains how to use helium-3 and helium-4 to get within thousandths of a degree above absolute zero.


96%VideoMay 2014

Barrel crush experiment

(1:22) The air above you is heavy, as this experiment with a 55 gallon steel barrel demonstrates.