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96%VideoMay 2012

Michael Jackson and James Brown celebrity death match

(1:30) American actor and comedian Wayne Brady impersonates Michael Jackson and James Brown as if in a celebrity death match.


93%VideoJun 2009

Famous people on drugs

Wasted in the following order: Ozzy Osbourne, Jim Morrison, Shane McGowan, Ginger Baker, David Bowie, Oliver Reed, Sly Stone, Anna Nicole Smith, Amy Winehouse, James Brown and Snoop Dogg


92%VideoJan 2007

Eddie Murphy does James Brown

Analyzing the Sex Machine

92%VideoApr 2014

James of Thrones

(1:52) This is a man's world. James Brown/Game of Thrones mashup by DJ Rozroz.

91%VideoJan 2007

James Brown - dancing lessons

The Godfather shares his moves


91%VideoFeb 2008

James Brown - Sunny (Live in Paris)

Bobby Hebb's classic in a great performance by the Godfather of Soul


91%VideoJan 2007

A tribute to James Brown

Undisputed Godfather of Soul - Sex Machine

90%VideoJun 2008

James Brown & Afrika Bambaataa hip hop collaboration

The Godfather of Soul and the Godfather of Hip Hop unite. 'Unity' by James Brown & Afrika Bambaataa 1984. Video: Produced by Tom Pomposello, Graphics by Marcy Brafman

89%VideoJan 2007

JB skating

Roller skaters hit Chicago rinks


89%VideoDec 2006

James Brown on Ed Sullivan 1966

Young Jim Brown feeling good