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95%VideoAug 2014

Mother nature's dark side

(0:14) A beautiful rainbow captured in Blaiken, northern Sweden.

94%VideoNov 2015

Rainbow hair


94%VideoMay 2017

Whale blows a rainbow

(0:13) Oh wow.

92%PictureJul 2006

Rainbow lightning

Rare natural spectacle lights up the sky


87%VideoApr 2012

Yosemite's moonbows

(6:59) The beauty of Yosemite is on display 24 hours a day. During the full moon of spring and early summer, lunar rainbows, also known as moonbows, can be seen on many park waterfalls.

87%VideoApr 2017

Somewhere under the rainbow in Hawaii


86%VideoOct 2008

Sprinkler Rainbow Conspiracy

What is oozing out of our ground? Questions from a concerned woman.


86%PictureApr 2006

End of the rainbow

No pot of gold found

79%VideoApr 2012

Kirsti's shotgun rainbow

(0:24) Wanna know how to make a rainbow with a 12 gauge shotgun? Kirsti is happy to demonstrate.