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VideoAug 2005

Mars exploration

Confounded by Martians

VideoDec 2015

Robert Zubrin - Why we should go to Mars

(4:13) Are we what life is, or are we just one from a vast tapestry of possibilities?


VideoAug 2018

What will SpaceX do when they get to Mars?

(5:02) SpaceX plan to send the first humans to Mars in 2024, after an automated mission in 2022 that will set up esssentials like water and power.


VideoDec 2013

Bill Nye's open letter to President Obama

(3:23) Science Guy Bill Nye makes the case for funding planetary exploration.


VideoDec 2014

Astronaut's eye view of NASA's Orion spacecraft re-entry

(10:24) Video recorded during NASA's Orion spacecraft return through Earth's atmosphere on its December 5th unmanned test flight.

VideoOct 2014

Sixty Symbols - Spacecraft prepares to dock with a comet

(3:59) The ESA's Rosetta spacecraft is now orbiting Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko about 400 million kilometres away, trying to figure out a way to land.


VideoJun 2020

Al Jazeera | Why should we care about SpaceX's launch of humans into space?

(9:32) Space flight is going commercial. But why should we care?

VideoJun 2020

NASA's return to the Moon

(5:31) NASA iis returning to the moon, this time to stay.


VideoJul 2012

Voyager leaves the Solar System

(7:42) 70s state-of-the-art technology is the furthest man-made object.

VideoJul 2014

NASA peeks into lunar pits

(1:16) Since 2009, NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) has spotted hundreds of conspicuous holes on the Moon.