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96%VideoSep 2014

Young guitarist clashes with his parents over his future

(7:32) That young person is Alex Lifeson, guitarist for Canadian prog rockers Rush.


95%VideoJan 2012

Who's your favourite, mum or dad?

Dad interrogates his young daughter over who is her favourite parent, him or mum


94%VideoJun 2011

Louis C.K. as a father

(2:03) Stand-up comedian Louis C.K. talks about being a dad.

94%VideoJan 2019

4 generations of mums and dads


92%VideoFeb 2012

Facebook parenting

(8:23) Consequences after a troubled kid posts her disrespect for her dad on Facebook.


92%VideoAug 2012

Neil Armstrong's parents on TV game show 'I've Got A Secret'

(5:36) 17 September, 1962. Neil Armstrong's parents, Stephen and Viola, found out their son had just made an astronaut.

88%VideoJul 2012

Roller coaster ride for USA gymnast's parents

(0:54) USA gymnast Aly Raisman's parents watch their daughter's performance on the uneven bars at London 2012.


88%PictureMar 2008

Loving parents

Sick of all this kissing


87%VideoJun 2017

Bill Maher - I Didn't Reproduce Day

(5:31) Bill Maher proposes a national day to recognize the contributions of single people.

85%PictureFeb 2011

Parents give their kid a flying start in life