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AnimationApr 2020

After Skool | Why you can't trust nutrition science and health claims

(9:54) Don't eat anything that your great grandma wouldn't recognise as food.

AnimationApr 2015

Corruption is legal in America

(5:50) Does the government represent the people? You won't be shocked to hear it's no, but do you realise how big that no is?


VideoFeb 2008

Ron Paul and Frank Zappa - The danger of American fascism

Interviews twenty years apart resonate

VideoJun 2013

Do we need industrial agriculture to feed the world?

(6:30) The corporate food industry claims we need their methods of industrialised farming to feed the growing world population. But is this really true?


AnimationOct 2013

America for sale!

(2:29) There are six trillion tax payers dollars up for grabs every year. Why not get some for your corporation?


VideoSep 2014

People's Climate March, NYC 2014

(3:18) September 21, 2014: Thousands took to the streets of New York to call for more action against global warming.


VideoMay 2019

TYT | Bernie Sanders targets corporate power

(9:58) Is Bernie moving too "left" for Cenk? The Young Turks discuss Bernie's proposal to give workers more control.

VideoMar 2020

Jeffrey Sachs: "Trump understands nothing, listens to nothing” as pandemic surges in US

(21:07) As #NotDying4WallStreet trends on Twitter, Trump defies his top scientists and soaring infection rate, saying he will ease restrictions soon.


VideoApr 2020

Rebel HQ | CEO stuns CNBC anchor: Billionaires shouldn't be bailed out

(6:04) Emma Vigeland is delighted that CEO Chamath Palihapitiya argued that hedge funds and billionaires shouldn't be bailed out.


VideoApr 2014

Patrimonial capitalism, a future dominated by inherited wealth

(24:30) Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Kruger discusses Thomas Piketty's, 'Capital in the Twenty-First Century'.