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VideoAug 2013

Journalism, the new terrorism

(4:54) It has been said that it is no measure of health to be well adjusted in a profoundly sick society.


VideoAug 2013

Bill Moyers: The End Game for Democracy

(3:16) The predators are close to monopoly control of the government, making change from within impossible. Bill Moyers comments on politics in the US today.


VideoOct 2013

Jeremy Scahill on principles, whistleblowers and corporations

(2:34) American journalist and author Jeremy Scahill speaking at the Socialism 2013 Conference in Chicago.

AnimationNov 2013

Corporate personhood: How did we get here?

(3:32) Corporate personhood is the legal concept that a corporation may be recognised as an individual in the eyes of the law.


VideoNov 2013

TPP, Wikileaks' latest bombshell

(10:50) Wikileaks has released another bombshell - a portion of text from the secretly negotiated Trans Pacific Partnership.


VideoDec 2013

TYT - Trans-Pacific Partnership

(10:10) Free trade deal TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) puts corporations above nation states.


VideoJul 2014

How the markets are rigged against you

(18:59) Some people always win, some people always lose. CBC's Amanda Lang looks at ways the financial system is rigged against the rest of us.


VideoSep 2014

Kennedy Jr. interview at People's Climate March

(3:41) Radio host and activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. loses his cool when reporter Michelle Fields suggested his carbon footprint made him a hypocrite.


VideoMar 2015

The lie we live

(8:28) Exposing the truth about our corrupt world and what humanity has become.


VideoJun 2015

Bill Maher: The United States of "you don’t wanna know"

(5:12) Bill Maher calls out deregulators for shielding corporations at the expense of consumers.