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93%VideoJun 2012

Senator John Edwards in 2007 - Take them on and beat them!

(2:00) Speaking in Nashua, New Hampshire in 2007, Senator John Edwards (Democratic presidential contender in 2004 and 2008) called on Americans to fight powerful special interests in Washington.


88%VideoApr 2008

Why John Edwards can't endorse Hillary Clinton

He believes in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy but not in Senator Clinton

88%VideoFeb 2008

Hillary Clinton's 'Xeroxed' words

Caught out and exposed by NBC for stealing from speeches by John Edwards and Bill Clinton


84%VideoApr 2008

John Edwards with Jay Leno (21/3/08)

Leno asks why he quit and if it was a good idea for him to run for a nomination as a middle-aged white man

68%VideoJan 2008

John Edwards vs Hillary Clinton

Less civil than a hostage situation