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VideoDec 2018

Google is tracking you, even when you're in Airplane Mode

(3:49) Every move you make, every step you take, Google is watching you.


AnimationFeb 2014

Reclaim Our Privacy

(3:20) Big data turns out to be Big Brother.

VideoSep 2014

German engineers find out they have been targeted by GCHQ

(6:13) Uncomfortable German engineers at Stellar Communications Services as they are informed that they have been targeted for surveillance by British spies.


VideoApr 2017

Secular Talk - Trump signs bill only 6% of Americans agree with

(4:49) Only 6% approved of a bill President Trump signed that repeals rules that ban telecom and cable companies from selling customers' personal information.


VideoJun 2012

Who is tracking you as you surf the internet?

(6:41) As you surf the web, information is being collected about you and your habits, without your knowledge or consent.


VideoJul 2013

A brief history of privacy in America

(8:08) As technology evolves, so do our expectations about privacy. A look at the at the state of privacy in the digital age.

VideoDec 2013

60 Minutes - Inside the NSA

(13:57) The NSA breaks with tradition and allows 60 Minutes cameras inside to explain what it does and what it claims it doesn't do.


VideoJun 2016

Computerphile - Deep and Dark webs

(12:28) Untangling the difference between the Deep and Dark webs.

VideoMar 2018

Mark Zuckerberg on data sharing and privacy (2008)

(6:26) Facebook learned the importance of privacy way back in 2008.

VideoJan 2014

Edward Snowden interview with German TV

(30:22) January 26, 2014: Former NSA contractor claims that US officials "wanted to murder me" in an exclusive interview with German TV station NDR.