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VideoJan 2011

SARTRE - SAfe Road TRains for the Environment

EU project to make driving safer and better environmentally has carried out its first successful demonstration of its self-driving technology at Volvo's testing grounds near Gothenburg, Sweden. A strange hybrid of private and public transport?


VideoJan 2020

Now You Know | The technology behind autonomous cars

(8:23) Zac explores the technological advances that autonomous vehicles will have in the future.

VideoJan 2020

5G is changing China's driving experience

(10:09) Ultra-fast 5G technology is already operational in China.


VideoNov 2019

Scary close call with Tesla's Autopilot

(3:55) A temporary concrete barrier that closes down one lane of a motorway approaches unnoticed by Autopilot.

VideoApr 2014

Google's self-driving car on city streets

(1:56) Teaching Google's self-driving car to navigate some common scenarios on city streets.

VideoJul 2014

Hyundai - The Empty Car Convoy

(2:27) Proof through jeopardy. Hyundai demonstrate their new driver-assist features.


VideoMay 2015

First autonomous truck cleared for US roads

(1:14) May 2015: Daimler Trucks North America unveiled its new autonomous big rig, Inspiration Truck, that allows truckers to take their hands off the wheel and eyes off the road.


VideoMay 2015

Volvo self-parking car accident



VideoMay 2019

Do Tesla's bonds deserve junk rating?

(8:22) Investors discuss the future of Tesla in a world of EVs, autonomous driving, and robotaxis.

VideoNov 2019

Now You Know | Why parking lots will disappear

(11:53) In an autonomous driving future, what will happen to parking spaces?