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94%VideoApr 2015

NASA's Modular Robotic Vehicle

(1:36) Developed at Johnson Space Center to show off technologies for driving on other planets, here on Earth, NASA's electric-powered MRV (Modular Robotic Vehicle) shows off some neat tricks - including sideways parking and spinning on the spot.

94%VideoJan 2016

How driverless cars will change our cities

(9:25) Driverless cars may change much more than just your commuting experience.


94%VideoAug 2018

Robocar's first driverless hillclimb

(1:49) Using artificial intelligence, Robocar makes history as the first autonomous race car to complete the Goodwood Hillclimb.


93%VideoOct 2014

Tesla Model S acceleration and auto-pilot demo

(1:38) Fastest and smartest 4-door sedan ever, the Tesla Model S P85D AWD.


91%VideoJul 2014

Hyundai - The Empty Car Convoy

(2:27) Proof through jeopardy. Hyundai demonstrate their new driver-assist features.


89%VideoMay 2015

Volvo self-parking car accident



88%VideoJan 2011

SARTRE - SAfe Road TRains for the Environment

EU project to make driving safer and better environmentally has carried out its first successful demonstration of its self-driving technology at Volvo's testing grounds near Gothenburg, Sweden. A strange hybrid of private and public transport?


88%VideoJun 2011

Test drive in Google's driverless car

For those who haven't heard about Google's driverless car program, the second video is a short background to Google's venture into driverless cars

88%VideoApr 2014

Self-driving BMW goes drifting

(1:26) BMW demonstrate their autonomous driving technology, by drifting a self-driving M235i.

88%VideoMar 2015

World Premiere: Mercedes F 015 self driving luxury car

(2:16) The future has arrived with the Mercedes F 015 Luxury in Motion vehicle.