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AnimationNov 2019

CGP Grey | Which planet is closest to Earth?

(3:14) It's not what you think.

VideoSep 2016

Could life have evolved on Venus?

(4:07) Venus is now a hell hole, but did it once harbour life?

VideoOct 2016

When Soviets went to Venus

(2:52) Did you know that in the 1970s, the Soviet Union sent landers to Venus and took the first pictures from the surface of another planet.

VideoDec 2013

Stephen Hawking and Carl Sagan on the greenhouse effect

(4:28) Wise warnings from Stephen Hawking and Carl Sagan about the very real possibility of runaway global warming.


VideoJun 2012

Ultra-high definition view of 2012 Venus Transit

(3:07) The 2012 Venus Transit is when Venus predictably passes between us and the sun (5/6 June 2012), and shows as a dark spot crossing the sun over a period of 6 hours 40 minutes.

VideoJun 2013

Neil deGrasse Tyson - Global warming on Earth, Venus and Mars

(8:11) Neil deGrasse Tyson discusses what we can learn about global warming from the study of the planets in our solar system.


VideoApr 2013

The case for colonising Venus rather than Mars

(14:59) Even though the surface temperature on Venus is 850 F, with a bit of imagination, the planet could actually be a coloniser's paradise compared to Mars or free floating space colonies.


VideoFeb 2018

NASA's vision for colonising Venus

(10:12) NASA's HAVOC makes the Star Wars fantasy of Cloud City a tantalising possibility in our solar system.

VideoOct 2013

Russia unveils ambitious plans for space exploration

(4:07) According to Russia's space agency Roscosmos, Russian cosmonauts will walk the moon, while robotic research probes will visit Mars, Venus and Jupiter... all by 2030.

VideoJun 2014

Carl Sagan on how scientists deduce what's on Venus

(1:29) That's why we have the scientific method. From Carl Sagan's TV series 'Cosmos', first broadcast in 1980.