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95%VideoJul 2015

Icelandic fog waterfall

(1:25) Fog flows off the cliffs of Latrabjarg in Iceland.


93%VideoJan 2015

POV airliner landing in thickest fog

(0:38) With the aid of Cat III auto landing system, pilots land at Zurich airport in thick fog.


89%VideoJun 2008

Te Mata Peak, New Zealand - One foggy June morning

Time-lapse movie filmed over 80 minutes but sped up to 27 seconds


88%VideoFeb 2014

BASE jumping through thick fog

(1:12) Legendary BASE jumper Marshall Miller jumps into the unknown at Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland.


88%VideoFeb 2015

Tokyo Dense Fog

(3:25) So stunningly beautiful, Tokyo engulfed in thick fog.

87%VideoDec 2013

Heavy fog in China

(0:53) Heavy fog covered parts of China's Anhui Province causing serious air pollution and severe traffic delays.

87%VideoMar 2018

Seeing through fog for self-driving cars

(2:59) Researchers from MIT have developed a system that can see objects in fog so thick human vision can't penetrate.

86%VideoApr 2011

Blind landing in thick fog at New Delhi airport

Domestic Indian airline IndiGo lands at New Delhi airport with guidance from ILS (Instrument Landing System). Numbers called are in feet. Not sure why the system keeps calling the pilot a retard though.


86%VideoDec 2016

The fog catcher who brings water to the poor

(1:35) In the slums of Lima, a Peruvian entrepreneur has found a way to turn fog into water.

84%VideoJan 2010

Vancouver City in fog