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VideoNov 2019

Venice's disastrous project to build flood defences

(7:08) Since the 1980's, the Italian government has been trying to engineer flood defences for Venice.

VideoFeb 2020

Will Tesla build an electric plane?

(3:31) Discussing the possibility of Tesla building an electric/VTOL plane with Elon Musk.


VideoApr 2020

Tesla | Ventilator prototype

(3:52) Engineering update on Tesla's ventilator, designed to use as many Tesla parts as possible.

VideoSep 2014

To engineer is human

(2:01) We've come a long way in 50 years.

VideoJun 2013

Laser tube cutting system

(4:31) Engineering contractors Marks Brothers, Inc. invested in a laser cutting system designed for cutting tube and pipe. This is what it can do.


VideoNov 2013

GoldieBlox Rube Goldberg machine

(2:06) GoldieBlox founder Debbie Sterling believes girls deserve more choices than dolls and princesses. So she developed GoldieBlox engineering toys for girls.


VideoOct 2016

Whiplash snake of gears

(2:24) Yo-yo type gearing contraption with no obvious use.


VideoDec 2011

Probably the world's smallest working V-12 engine

(9:26) Engineering perfection and dedication from Yesus Wilder. This V-12 engine took about a year to build using only stainless steel, aluminium and bronze.


VideoOct 2012

Numberphile - The Curta, an amazing old calculator

(6:51) The Curta is a mechanical pocket digital calculator invented by an Austrian Jew by the name of Curt Herzstark.


VideoSep 2013

Unique insect with working gears in its legs

(0:24) The only insect known with meshing gears.