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VideoDec 2006

CNN gets Howard Sterned

Three arrested in connection with San Diego fires

VideoOct 2007

San Diego wild fires and the Santa Ana winds

Resident: We were evacuated at 11:20am

VideoMar 2009

Motorists scramble for drug money on San Diego highway

Streets paved with gold as suspect tosses out wads of cash in an attempt to slow down police pursuit


VideoJul 2012

San Diego fireworks fail

(0:29) Independence Day celebrations in San Diego didn't go quite to plan. The 'Big Bay Boom' fireworks show was set to last 15 minutes, but due to a technical fault, all fireworks shot their load within 30 seconds.


VideoSep 2009

Hippo poo at San Diego Zoo

A hippopotamus claims his territory by taking a crap and swishing his tail to fling it