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95%VideoDec 2011

Kurt Cobain on life and literature (1993)

(23:11) Nirvana's Kurt Cobain was hailed as "the spokesman of a generation". He gives a sweet and candid interview to Erica Ehm of Canada's Much Music TV program, talking about literature, feminism among other things. Nine months later, he killed himself.


95%VideoMar 2013

Eric Roche smells like teen spirit

(5:43) American acoustic guitarist Eric Roche performs Nirvana's rocking anthem 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'.


94%VideoAug 2011

2CELLOS smell like teen spirits

(2:54) Croatian cello duo 2CELLOS's spirited cover of Nirvana's anthem 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'.


94%AnimationNov 2013

Kurt Cobain on identity

(5:31) "I even thought that I was gay. I thought that might be the solution to my problem." Kurt Cobain.

91%VideoAug 2010

Smells Like Rockin' Robin (Nirvana vs Jacksons)

The lighter side of Kurt Cobain - who'd ever have thought this might even work. Go Home Productions mix 'n' mash Nirvana's teen spirit with rockin' Jackson Five.


89%VideoDec 2008

Nirvana end-of-year concert (1993)

Smashing time had by all


89%VideoMay 2012

How to wake up a kid

(0:50) From dream to Nirvana, what more could a kid want.


89%VideoMay 2006

Teen ukulele

Jools smells a gem

89%VideoJul 2009

Nirvana vs Astley - Never gonna give your teen spirit up

So you thought rick-rolling was over? Nirvana get the full treatment. Nominated by ShabbyShoe


88%VideoAug 2010

Young@Heart Chorus cover Nirvana

Smell like old spirits do. Young@Heart Chorus take on grunge gods Nirvana with their performance of Come As You Are.