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96%VideoJan 2015

Largest glacier calving ever filmed

(4:41) Glacier calving, aka ice calving, is the breaking off of chunks of ice at the edge of a glacier. In May 2008, Adam LeWinter and Jeff Orlowski were filming at the Ilulissat Glacier in Western Greenland for the documentary 'Chasing Ice' when the witnessed the break up of the glacier's edge. The calving event lasted for 75 minutes and the glacier retreated a full mile across a calving face three miles wide.


96%VideoFeb 2017

Saturday afternoon on a busy Ilulissat highway

(3:56) Travelling in Greenland.

94%VideoNov 2014

Base jumping chick, but without the chute!

(2:13) Only a few hours after hatching, barnacle goslings in Greenland leap from their cliff top nests over 400 feet up.


94%VideoNov 2014

Two Lands - Greenland and Iceland

(2:32) The result of a photo shoot, 4 days in Iceland and 6 in Greenland.

94%VideoAug 2007

Iceberg rollover

Footage from the ice fields of Disko Bay


92%VideoDec 2012

Largest ice break-up ever filmed

(3:49) Filmmaker James Balog describing the largest iceberg calving ever filmed: "It's like watching Manhattan breaking apart in front of your eyes".


91%VideoJan 2015

Mapping Greenland's ice in 3D

(3:36) Peering into the thousands of frozen layers inside Greenland's ice sheet is like looking back in time.


89%VideoJul 2012

Iceberg tsunami

(2:29) From YT: "A tourist from Australia came to my uncle and asked if she could get a ride to the glacier..."

88%VideoMar 2016

Following Greenland melt water

(6:56) Scientists studying the effects of climate change on Greenland's ice follow the melt water.


88%VideoApr 2016

Greenland melt season starts two months early

(2:44) April 2016. Melt in Greenland this early in the season is not supposed to happen.