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VideoApr 2015

Baotou toxic lake, China

(2:53) An artificial lake in the industrial city of Baotou, Inner Mongolia in China, is the dumping ground for radioactive, toxic waste from the city’s rare earth mineral refineries.


VideoApr 2016

Legally, American alcohol has to be radioactive

(3:32) In America, alcoholic drinks have to be radioactive to be legal. To know why, a bit of chemistry is needed.

VideoJun 2018

Russia's secret radioactive lake, deadlier than Chernobyl

(14:33) In central Russia in 1957, terrified villagers were ordered by Russian soldiers to leave their homes. This is the story of what happened.

VideoDec 2014

Veritasium - The most radioactive places on Earth

(11:18) Where would you receive the highest doses of radiation? Veritasium travels to the most radioactive places on the planet to find out.

VideoMay 2019

Making Fukushima safe

(3:39) Where to put move a mountain of radioactive soil.

VideoJun 2019

France's nuclear waste dump for eternity

(8:27) France has found a €25 billion solution to the unanswerable question of what to do with its high-level nuclear waste - bury it deep underground.

VideoJul 2012

Sunbathing in radioactivity #1

(2:10) A naturally radioactive beach in Brazil is enjoyed by a couple embracing mother nature.

VideoJun 2019

Puppies of Chernobyl

(2:05) The human-free exclusion zone around Chernobyl is not all doom and gloom.