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87%VideoAug 2016

How the Olympic medals are made for Rio 2016

(2:28) Factory in Santa Cruz show how they make the Olympic medals for Rio 2016.

87%VideoAug 2016

Warming up for Tokyo 2020

(2:13) Missing the Olympics already?

87%VideoAug 2017

The Rio Olympics were only a year ago, but...

(1:47) Although the 2016 Rio Olympics was only one year ago, they already look as if they have been deserted for decades.


86%Jul 2016

Welcome to Hell

Welcome to Hell. Police warn tourists at Rio airport.


86%VideoJul 2016

Olympics in Numbers

(3:24) Every four years, the biggest sporting event on the planet is held.

86%VideoAug 2016

How horses got to Rio 2016

(2:33) Have you ever wondered how horses travelled to the Olympics to compete in the equestrian events?

86%VideoFeb 2018

5 years on from London 2012

(8:20) London's Olympic legacy after holding the Games in 2012.

84%VideoFeb 2014

Mary Carillo's epic badminton rant at Athens 2004 Olympics

(3:48) American sportscaster and former professional tennis player Mary Carillo gives some insight into how badmington is played in the real world.


52%PictureAug 2012

Olympic sports photographed like beach volleyball

Sports photographers see women's beach volleyball differently. What if all Olympic sports were photographed the same way?