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94%VideoAug 2012

Gary Johnson's speech at Paul Fest 2012

(13:36) Gary Johnson, former Governor of New Mexico, is the Libertarian Party nominee for US President in the 2012 election in November.


93%VideoJul 2016

Bill Maher meets Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson

(8:25) 2016 Libertarian candidate for US President, Gary Johnson is polling at 10%.

88%VideoOct 2016

Jill Stein to debate Gary Johnson

(36:00) Time for 3rd parties to have their voices heard. The Green and Libertarian Parties' leaders will meet to debate, not just once but 3 times.

87%VideoSep 2012

Libertarian leader Gary Johnson on foreign aid and foreign policy

(2:02) Are 75,000 US troops needed in Germany?


87%VideoJul 2016

Who do US troops prefer for president?

(6:12) According to a new survey, military troops favour Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson over Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.


87%VideoAug 2016

Could Gary Johnson get into the presidential debates?

(8:44) America's most interesting election just got more interesting. Kyle Kulinski discusses the possibility of Libertarian Party Gary Johnson throwing a spanner in the works.


87%VideoAug 2016

Who are Gary Johnson and Jill Stein?

(8:39) Clinton and Trump are not the only choices for president.

87%VideoSep 2016

Gary Johnson on climate change

(1:20) Gary Johnson takes a long-term view of global warming.


87%VideoSep 2016

3rd party candidate Gary Johnson not invited to debate

(7:48) 70% of Americans don't even know there are other choices for president than Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

87%VideoSep 2016

Gary Johnson pre-debate interview on ABC News

(7:33) Libertarian Party leader Gary Johnson makes his case for the White House.