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VideoMay 2019

TYT | Bernie Sanders targets corporate power

(9:58) Is Bernie moving too "left" for Cenk? The Young Turks discuss Bernie's proposal to give workers more control.

VideoApr 2016

Bill Burr is sick of Obama's wife

(4:12) Bill Burr lays into First Ladies.


VideoJan 2020

TYT | Warren's "sexist Bernie" smear backfires

(8:51) Ana Kasparian and John Iadarola discuss the disappointing clash between Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders in the final Iowa debate.

VideoSep 2016

Does Hillary Clinton have Parkinson's Disease?

(5:04) Three videos by Dr Ted Noel who claims that Hillary Clinton has Parkinson's.


VideoMar 2019

Andrew Yang | Conversation with the Candidate

(29:58) Uninterripted half an hour Q&A with Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang.


VideoSep 2020

David Pakman | Cohen: Trump will resign so Pence can pardon him

(7:39) Donald Trump's former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen claims that if Trump loses in November, he will resign before leaving office to allow Mike Pence to pardon him.


VideoOct 2016

TYT - Jill Stein explains her position on the military

(16:22) What would Green Party leader Jill Stein do with the military budget if she is elected president?


VideoMar 2020

AOC: Bernie Sanders is the stronger candidate to beat Trump

(9:33) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez discusses former Vice President Joe Biden's over-performance on Super Tuesday.


VideoMar 2016

Bernie Sanders on his supporters who disrupt Trump rallies

(11:09) Bernie Sanders discusses violence at Trump rallies, and more.

VideoSep 2020

The Rational National | Joe Biden's Town Hall: How did he do?

(16:27) David Doel reacts to clips from Joe Biden's drive-in Town Hall.