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96%VideoJul 2017

Bernie Sanders on how Republicans package their message

(5:46) Bernie Sanders explains how Republicans persuade poor people to vote against their own interests.

96%AnimationOct 2012

Presidential debate highlights songified

(2:10) Presidential hopefuls singing their best, lifting their promises and pleas to soaring heights and rousing melodies. May the best voice win.

96%VideoMar 2016

"Gordon Gekko" endorses Bernie Sanders

(0:57) The character Gordon Gekko in Oliver Stone's 1987 movie 'Wall Street' was based on former corporate raider Asher Edelman. The real Gekko was asked who he thought the best presidential candidate for the economy would be.

95%VideoOct 2012

The Onion's guide to the presidential candidates - Mitt Romney

(4:10) Election day is fast approaching. To help you prepare, here is The Onion's in-depth voter's guide to Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.


95%VideoJun 2013

Candidate Obama vs President Obama over government surveillance

(2:35) On August 1st, 2007, presidential candidate Barack Obama sharply criticised George W. Bush's government surveillance programs. But in 2013, he has changed his stance.


95%VideoOct 2013

The Ghost of Congress Future

(1:39) American TV journalist Bob Schieffer goes on a flying tour of Capitol Hill with the Ghost of Congress Future.


95%VideoNov 2015

Obama kills Keystone pipeline

(8:34) President Obama announces that his Administration is rejecting the Keystone XL Pipeline.

95%VideoSep 2012

Voter registration at a Safeway store in Colorado Springs

(1:07) Honesty is not always the best policy, depending on which side of the fence you stand.


95%VideoMar 2013

Elizabeth Warren: What does it take to shut down a bank?

(7:35) Senator Elizabeth Warren asks the experts for their opinion on what it would take to bring a bank to trial over money laundering.


95%VideoAug 2013

The Tonight Show - Obama talks about Edward Snowden

(4:52) August 4, 2013: President Barack Obama, talks to Jay Leno about Edward Snowden and the NSA affair.