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VideoApr 2013

Margaret Thatcher: They'd rather have the poor poorer

(2:34) Responding to a young Simon Hughes, Margaret Thatcher explains that everyone has benefited from the economic reforms, even if the gap between rich and poor is wider.

VideoApr 2013

Glenda Jackson's ferocious attack on Thatcherism

(8:04) Labour politician and former actress Glenda Jackson launches a tirade against Margaret Thatcher in Parliament.


VideoJun 2019

HIGNFY | Jacob Rees-Mogg on Boris and May (2016)


VideoOct 2018

Alastair Campbell: Own your shit, Nigel

(2:10) Alastair Campbell speaks his mind during a Brexit discussion on Irish TV.

VideoDec 2019

Jeremy Corbyn claims Johnson's deal will lead to "rat hairs in paprika"



VideoJun 2019

Have I Got News For You | Boris Johnson, the odd one out

(3:55) Poor young Boris gets picked on by the others.

VideoAug 2015

Jeremy Corbyn at the Oxford Union: Socialism DOES work

(11:06) Labour politician Jeremy Corbyn gives his arguments for why socialism does work.


VideoJan 2015

Green Party policies on immigration, trade, and defence

(7:14) Under a grilling from Andrew Neal, leader of the Green Party Natalie Bennett explains Green Party policies on immigration, trade, and the defence of the realm.


VideoJul 2016

Which woman for Prime Minister, Theresa May or Andrea Leadsom?

(8:30) The next British Prime Minister will be a woman, but which one - establishment Theresa May, or outsider Andrea Leadsom?

VideoJun 2017

Mark Steel: I've got an idea what the Tory-DUP deal will look like

(5:37) As the Conservatives continue their talks with the Democratic Unionist Party, columnist Mark Steel looks over the possibilities that lie ahead for the new parliament.