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95%VideoSep 2012

Gorillas, very curious over a caterpillar

(0:40) Gorillas at Calgary Zoo show intense interest at a wonder of nature, a caterpillar scurrying along the metal wires of the gorilla enclosure.

92%VideoMay 2014

Smarter Every Day - Genius caterpillar speed trick

(5:04) How much faster can a group of caterpillars working together travel than a single caterpillar on its own?

88%VideoSep 2012

Kamikaze caterpillar

(1:08) Caterpillar caught flouting the laws of evolution for the very last time.


88%VideoJan 2018

Caterpillar squeaks when squeezed


87%VideoNov 2012

Caterpillar caravan

(0:33) French naturalist Jean Henri Farber once conducted an experiment with processionary caterpillars that when put in a line, attach themselves to each other and follow as one.

87%VideoMar 2016

Caterpillar that looks like Trump's hair

(1:37) At first glance, the asp caterpillar looks cuddly enough to pet, but it is also super poisonous.

64%VideoOct 2016

The Donald Trump Caterpillar

(5:20) Nature's masters of disguise don't always involve melting into the background.