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VideoNov 2015

Russell Brand interview on Australian TV (Oct 16, 2015)

(17:50) Since the UK general election in May 2015, Russell Brand removed himself from the political limelight. In the meantime, he continues with his Trew World Order Tour.

VideoDec 2012

TYT - How did Australians deal with their mass shootings?

(4:35) After a shooting in 1996, Australians took decisive action to curb mass shootings by introducing draconian gun control. But did it work?


VideoJan 2020

Leaving by sea as the land burns

(2:42) Residents of Mallacoota evacuate their burning town.

VideoApr 2020

George Monbiot | The worst possible people in charge at the worst possible time

(6:45) Coronavirus should be a warning that our current system is not fit for purpose.

VideoNov 2016

Raised coastline after New Zealand 7.8 quake

(1:31) Impacts of the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake on the south end of Waipapa Bay, New Zealand.

VideoMay 2014

Happy dogs and a cat

(2:59) Inspired by Pharrell William's "Happy", a troupe of dogs and a cat have fun on the beach.


VideoNov 2016

Farewell Haka for Mr. John Adams

(1:51) New Zealand school kid's bid farewell to retiring teacher.


VideoJan 2020

Huge scale of Australian bushfires revealed with thermal camera


VideoJan 2020

Woman saves scorched koala from Australian bushfire



VideoJan 2020

Bush firestorm

(0:54) A bushfire flares up in a matter of seconds.