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94%VideoJul 2014

With the right encouragement, Gary can run seriously fast

(1:06) Travelling Aussie comedian James Dezarnaulds takes his sidekick Gary the Goat for a healthy run.


94%VideoAug 2015

Kangaroo Apocalypse

(0:54) Unnerving bike ride through a horde of zombie kangaroos.


94%VideoNov 2015

Sealife escort fishing boat

(1:31) Dolphins, seals and a whale escort tourists on a fishing trip off Phillip Island on Australia's southern coast.

94%VideoFeb 2016

Thunderstorm off Maroochydore

(0:47) Time-lapse of a thunderhead off the coast of Maroochydore, Queensland, Australia.

94%VideoNov 2016

Raised coastline after New Zealand 7.8 quake

(1:31) Impacts of the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake on the south end of Waipapa Bay, New Zealand.

94%VideoJan 2017

Australian road building

(3:15) Bituminising like a boss.


94%VideoMar 2017

Australia's Bin Chicken

(2:58) Australia's extraordinary Bin Chicken gets the Planet Earth treatment.

94%VideoMar 2018

Climate scientists reveal their fears for the future

(8:51) Climate scientists rarely speak publicly about their personal views.


94%VideoJan 2013

The Today Show - Can the US take lessons from Australia?

(9:52) Discussion on gun control, particularly relevant to US because Australia introduced gun control in 1996 following a mass shooting.


94%VideoApr 2013

Happiness all round when marriage equality bill passes

(4:47) Inspired moment when the New Zealand parliament broke into a Maori song on hearing the Marriage Amendment Bill (Third Reading) passed 77 to 44.