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VideoDec 2019

Al Jazeera | Is climate change the burning issue in Australia?

(24:25) Bushfires are common during the summer in Australia, but firefighters say this year's conditions are catastrophic.

VideoFeb 2007

Australia defeats American Samoa 31 - 0

(2:01) Largest loss in international football history.


VideoFeb 2015

Police chopper tracks highway shoot out after lengthy pursuit

(0:50) Dramatic scene plays out on an Australian highway as armed men try to carjack vehicles.

VideoDec 2012

TYT - How did Australians deal with their mass shootings?

(4:35) After a shooting in 1996, Australians took decisive action to curb mass shootings by introducing draconian gun control. But did it work?


VideoJul 2016

How to be a Kiwi Dad

(1:29) Instructional video for wannabe dads.


VideoOct 2010

All Blacks magic

(1:00) New Zealand's biggest asset, the All Blacks show some tricks they've been perfecting in training.


VideoMar 2014

Sun sets over Rottnest Island lighthouse, Australia

(1:52) Filmed by Colin Legg on a beach in Perth, Australia, facing the Rottnest Island lighthouse 23 kilometres away.


VideoNov 2016

How far can you get with a ladder under your arm?

(3:18) Steve has a theory...

VideoDec 2018

Can you spot Knickers, the 1,400 kg cow from Australia?



AnimationAug 2020

TLDR | Australia and NZ's trade negotiations with the EU

(11:23) The EU is currently has a number of trade negotiations ongoing - not only with the UK but also with Australia and New Zealand.