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94%VideoMay 2016

Bernie Sanders: We're not hurting the party by staying in

(12:28) Bernie Sanders on reshaping the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton's hawkish past.

93%VideoMay 2016

Morning Joe - Hillary Clinton's 'mindboggling' lies over emails

(7:50) Hillary, you've got to start telling the truth!


88%VideoSep 2012

Did MSNBC doctor Romney/Ryan rally clip?

(4:38) Many liberals think it's only the right who are involved in misinformation.


88%VideoOct 2012

Chris Matthews reacts to Obama's debating performance

(3:03) After Obama's lacklustre performance at the first of the presidential debates against Mitt Romney, MSNBC's Hardball host Chris Matthews almost had a nervous breakdown.


88%VideoApr 2016

Morning Joe discuss Bernie's new Wall Street ad

(3:00) Bernie Sanders campaign released a new ad for New York, taking aim at Wall Street.


88%VideoAug 2016

Trump: If we have them (nukes) why can't we use them?

(2:07) Joe Scarborough tells a disturbing story of a foreign policy expert who went to advise Donald Trump.


88%VideoAug 2016

Trevor Noah: Donald Trump is a dangerous clown

(5:34) The Daily Show host Trevor Noah gives his perspective on Donald Trump.

88%VideoSep 2016

The day the political news media lost its mind

(5:14) MSNBC's Chris O'Donnell reflects on the most important day in the US presidential election.


87%VideoMar 2016

Interview with Melania Trump, Donald Trump's wife

(7:20) MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski talks to Melania Trump about growing up in Slovenia, her marriage and her husband's campaign.


87%VideoJan 2017

Michael Moore: Donald Trump is Godfather of fake news

(10:10) Michael Moore and MSNBC's Chris Hayes discuss Donald Trump's role in the rise of "fake news".