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VideoApr 2020

Zefrank | Oppih, aka stub nose anteater



VideoMay 2013

Ze Frank | True facts about the aye aye

(3:13) Ze Frank teaches you about the aye aye.

VideoJan 2013

True facts about sloths

(2:20) Fascinating facts about sloths. Fascinating delivery by Ze Frank.

VideoDec 2013

If you are in a shell

(3:13) Beautiful and honest. Costa Rican-born American dancer and choreographer Harry Shumm dances to a voiceover by Ze Frank.

VideoJan 2013

Ze Frank | True facts about the leaf mimic katydid

(2:27) Evolution calls in for its 100 million year check in. Ze Frank narrates the story.

VideoOct 2012

Ze Frank - Getting Better

(4:42) In response to a comment, Ze Frank talks about the difficult subject of pain.


VideoMay 2013

Teddy has an operation

(2:49) Ze Frank talks through the different stages of Teddy's operation.

VideoOct 2014

Dear Kitten: Regarding the dog...

(3:26) Cat explains to Kitten about the new "thing" in the household.


VideoFeb 2013

Animals give you tough love

(1:33) Animals, not angry mind you, just disappointed.

VideoDec 2012

True facts about the baby echidna

(1:44) Ze Frank narrates some interesting facts about the baby echidna, aka spiny anteater.