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91%AnimationOct 2013

Which came first, the rain or the rainforest?

(2:48) MinuteEarth video about the relationship between plants and rain.

88%VideoJan 2015

Topher White - When a tree calls for help

(11:39) Saving the rainforests. Topher White founded Rainforest Connection, a start-up which converts recycled cell phones into solar-powered listening devices to protect forests from illegal logging.


88%VideoJun 2016

Diversity of life captured in Peruvian jungle

(4:21) Nature filmmaking at its most raw and innovative.


88%AnimationMar 2017

The Amazon rainforest and why it's so important

(8:43) This video describes a hypothesis called the Biotic Pump that explains the role of the Amazon rainforest in the health of the planet.

87%VideoNov 2012

Leafcam photo of a lifetime

(2:05) National Geographic photographer Tim Laman on what it takes to capture the shot of a lifetime, a bird of paradise overlooking the rainforest.


87%VideoJun 2016

The flower that smells like death

(2:54) Blooming stench in Eden, caused by two corpse flowers.

86%VideoJan 2013

Smarter Every Day - The Tailless Whip Scorpion

(4:32) Destin is in the Amazon rainforest filming videos for "The Amazing Amazon". Tonight he is meeting a tailless whip spider.


72%VideoOct 2012

Follow the frog

(3:10) You don't have to go to the ends of the Earth to help save the rainforests, just follow the frog.