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97%VideoAug 2015

John Redwood at the Oxford Union: Socialism does NOT work

(11:14) Privilege is alive and well, socialism has failed.


96%VideoDec 2014

Christopher Hitchens - Don't waste my time with Islam

(3:11) Charming, roguish and enlightened atheist Christopher Hitchens explains why he comes down harder on Islam than other religions.


96%VideoOct 2015

Bad Lip Reading of the first Democratic Debate 2015

(4:58) Democratic hopefuls discuss the important issues of our day.

96%VideoMar 2018

How the NRA hijacks gun control debates

(8:54) Why is the NRA, a group that represents the interests of gun manufacturers, taken seriously in debates about reducing gun violence?


96%VideoNov 2012

Eric Hovind vs 11-year-old atheist

(3:03) Son of creationist Ken Hovind, Eric Hovind debates God with a 6th grader, and loses.


95%VideoJun 2013

Candidate Obama vs President Obama over government surveillance

(2:35) On August 1st, 2007, presidential candidate Barack Obama sharply criticised George W. Bush's government surveillance programs. But in 2013, he has changed his stance.


94%VideoApr 2013

6th grader asks a question about Noah's Ark

(6:14) There are many reasons why Noah's Ark is a myth, but these two questions posed by students at a school in Beaverton, Oregon, are priceless.


94%VideoDec 2014

Question Time - Russell Brand vs Nigel Farage in clash over immigration

(7:13) Includes possibly the most heated audience participation in the history of Question Time.


94%VideoDec 2015

Hilary Benn makes the case for air strikes over Syria

(14:02) Hilary Benn delivers a powerful speech in support of bombing fascist Islamic State in Syria.


94%VideoFeb 2016

Bernie names FDR and Churchill as influencers

(3:05) At the PBS NewsHour Democratic Debate, Bernie Sanders named Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill as two leaders who would influence his decisions on foreign policy.