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92%VideoDec 2010

Tony Blair and Christopher Hitchens debate religion

(1:46:25) Munk Debates 2010. The motion: Religion is a force for good in the world.


92%VideoDec 2012

The case against gun control, by Mackenzie

(10:49) Easy to pick holes in but the topic is not so straightforward. Do we need more gun control, less gun control, or no change?


91%VideoMay 2014

The Real News - Does a higher minimum wage cost jobs?

(20:51) Economists Bob Pollin and Anthony Davies debate whether a higher minimum wage means less jobs for young people with less skills.


89%VideoMar 2017

8th grade atheist vs adult Christian

(6:38) In a debate on morality, an atheist kid asks an interesting question.


88%VideoMar 2013

What can be learnt from Portugal's decriminalisation of drugs

(13:06) Virgin boss Richard Branson argues that the Portuguese "experiment" has worked well, but his statistics are disputed.


88%VideoJul 2013

Climate change debate with top climate sceptic Richard Lindzen

(47:33) Climate sceptic Professor Richard Lindzen goes head to head with Mehdi Hasan at the Oxford Union.


88%VideoAug 2013

14-year-old teen activist debates Kevin O'Leary on GMOs

(13:17) 14-year-old Rachel Parent, founder of 'Kids Right To Know' debates Canadian business magnate and TV personality Kevin O'Leary on genetically modified organisms.


88%VideoAug 2013

Matt Damon on Edward Snowden

(1:11) Matt Damon talks to Sam Asi on BBC Arabic's "Alternative Cinema" about what Edward Snowden did.


88%VideoSep 2013

Hijab, niqab or plain nothing?

(10:24) Three Muslim women discuss why they do or don't cover their faces.


88%VideoMay 2014

Highlights from the Great Idaho Debates

(2:19) Bearded biker Harley Brown and bearded curmudgeon Walt Bayes steal the show at the 2014 Idaho GOP primary debate.