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97%VideoMay 2013

Lawrence Krauss: Teaching Creationism is child abuse

(3:33) In a 2012 Gallup Poll, 46% of Americans believed in the literal interpretation of the Bible, that is that God created everything in a blip about 10,000 years ago.


97%VideoNov 2015

Maajid Nawaz - How to collaborate with your rival

(9:37) Islamic reform activist Maajid Nawaz describes how to build a successful, respectful dialogue that can spur progress.


96%VideoSep 2014

Hack your brain's default mode with meditation

(3:44) ABC News anchor Dan Harris explains some of the science behind meditation.


95%VideoAug 2016

Penn Jillette on atheism and Islamophobia



94%VideoDec 2012

Information overload, or is it obesity?

(4:00) There's a big difference between what you want and what you need. And when it comes to consuming information, the choice you make today affects the information you get tomorrow.


94%VideoMay 2013

Why do humans engage in so many impractical activities?

(2:13) Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins discusses why we do things that have no direct bearing on our ability to survive, such as ballet, poetry or mathematics.


94%VideoAug 2015

How Amazon's algorithms maximise profits

(3:46) Companies like Amazon take advantage of the fact that they know a whole lot more about buying patterns than you do.

94%VideoOct 2018

Big Think | 3 great untruths to stop telling kids (and ourselves)

(5:44) Social psychologist Jonathan Haidt on how good intentions and bad ideas are setting us up for failure.


94%VideoNov 2018

Big Think | Michelle Thaller | Does NASA have any climate change skeptics?

(2:45) How widespread within NASA is the conviction that human activity is responsible for climate change?

93%VideoMay 2014

Big Think - Would you vote for a psychopath?

(4:25) Neuroscientist James Fallon looks at how past US presidents measure in psychopathy.