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VideoMay 2016

TYT - Donald Trump's energy plan is insane

(14:54) Donald Trump advocates "energy independence", but what does that actually mean?


VideoSep 2013

TYT - John Kerry vs Rand Paul over the definition of war

(7:09) Is an attack on Syria going to war? The Young Turks discuss.


VideoMar 2013

TYT - Obama signs "Monsanto Protection Act"

(6:19) President Obama signed into law a spending bill that included a provision that allows Monsanto immunity against prosecution if future health hazards appear as a result of their doing.

VideoDec 2018

TYT | Trump on skyrocketing national debt: I won't be here

(6:23) When told about the inevitable ballooning of the United States National Debt, Trump couldn’t care less.

VideoMay 2019

TYT | Bernie Sanders targets corporate power

(9:58) Is Bernie moving too "left" for Cenk? The Young Turks discuss Bernie's proposal to give workers more control.

VideoMar 2020

TYT | Crackpot Dr Fauci conspiracy theories

(12:41) Anthony Fauci is the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.


VideoFeb 2014

TYT - Elizabeth Warren proposes how to save US post office

(7:30) For various reasons, the US Postal Service is in dire financial straits. Senator Elizabeth Warren is backing an idea to fix it.


VideoJun 2013

TYT - Hairy leggings in China

(1:33) Clever design to deter rapists.


VideoMay 2014

TYT - Not Neutrality

(7:49) Get the money out of politics, now! It may be the end of the Internet as we know it.


VideoJul 2018

TYT - Sacha Baron Cohen is at it again

(7:03) Buckle up. Sacha Baron Cohen targets Georgia Republican state representative Jason Spencer.