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VideoMay 2014

TYT - Is the American middle class still number one?

(13:04) 35 years ago, the American middle class was the most affluent in the world... by a long shot. But is that still true today?


VideoJun 2014

TYT react to Noah's Ark evidence

(8:24) The Young Turks discuss calculations by Bible expert Carl Kerby that prove the feasability of Noah's Ark.


VideoJul 2014

TYT - Why does Israel need US aid?

(11:27) The Young Turks discuss the $3 billion the US gives to Israel in aid.


VideoOct 2014

TYT - US billionaires already spent $113 million on 2014 elections

(3:56) American billionaires have already spent over $100 million on the mid-term elections in November 2014 for control of the US Senate in the final two years of Obama's presidency.

VideoJul 2015

TYT - The Money Shot

(8:30) TPP, the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement has a sister, TiSA (Trade in Services Agreement), also in the process of writing.


VideoNov 2015

TYT - Why America funded Wahhabism in the 80s

(17:26) The Middle East used to be far more secular. What changed?


VideoFeb 2016

TYT - Clinton Foundation takes money from banksters

(7:53) Hillary Clinton says she will be really tough on bankers, but can you believe her?


VideoJun 2016

TYT - Jill Stein on how Greens would cancel student loan debt

(8:36) There are 43 million young Americans with a student loan debt who should be listening.

VideoSep 2016

TYT - Italy to pay all 18-year-olds $500

(5:20) Sounds crazy, but is it?


VideoOct 2016

TYT - Jill Stein explains why third parties are not a wasted vote

(4:25) If not now, when can we break the 2-party tyranny that is American politics?