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96%VideoJun 2012

VSauce Michael - We are all related

(5:49) Statistically, everybody is at least 50th cousin with everybody else. And when you look deeper, the relationship between the atoms that make us up, is mind blowing.


96%VideoAug 2012

What's the oldest a person can be?

(4:34) VSauce Michael talks about age and the fascinating distortions of time we all have depending on our age.


96%VideoOct 2013

Vsauce - Cruel Bombs

(8:24) Vsauce Michael discusses "cruel bombs", how Japanese Emporor Hirohito described the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in his surrender speech in 1945.

94%VideoAug 2012

What colour is a mirror?

(5:02) Vsauce Michael discusses colour, or the light that is not absorbed when you see something.


94%VideoApr 2013

How much money is there on Earth?

(15:32) Vsauce Michael looks at the many aspects of money.


94%VideoOct 2012

Why are things cute?

(5:51) Why does encountering cuteness make us involuntarily sigh with pleasure?


94%VideoJan 2014

Vsauce - Why is your bottom in the middle?

(10:22) Everything you could possibly want to know about butts and bottoms.

93%VideoDec 2013

Vsauce - Moving Illusions

(10:48) Vsauce Michael blows your mind with illusions.

93%VideoSep 2014

Vsauce - Will we ever run out of new music?

(11:48) Michael looks at the numbers behind music, but do these mind-blowingly huge probabilities tell the full story?


92%VideoMar 2015

Vsauce - Human Extinction

(8:10) Everything comes to an end. Question is how and when.