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VideoOct 2020

BBC | David Attenborough | Are humans responsible for pandemics?

(5:04) Scientists believe our destructive relationship with nature is putting us at greater risk of pandemeics.

VideoOct 2018

We're the last humans left

(8:00) What could possibly go wrong?

VideoDec 2015

Ibrahim Al-Buleihi: Progress can only come from the West

(5:10) Ibrahim Al-Buleihi is a Saudi liberal writer, thinker and philosopher who is currently a member of the Saudi Shura Council.


AnimationJun 2016

World Urbanisation: 3700 BCE - 2000 CE

(3:20) Humans take over.


AnimationJun 2016

History of human histories

(10:05) The world feels like it's always been like this, but it hasn't.

AnimationJun 2013

300 years of fossil fuels

(5:39) Fossil fuels have powered human growth and ingenuity for centuries. But is not so clear, except that we're in for an exciting ride.


VideoJun 2016

What would happen if humans disappeared?

(4:28) Imagine all humans suddenly disappeared from the planet. It doesn't matter why, just imagine the result.

VideoFeb 2016

Earth, 100 million years from now

(6:26) A group of explorers stumble upon Earth 100,000,000 years from now. Would they know we ever existed?

VideoDec 2018

David Attenborough: Continuation of civilisation is in your hands

(2:06) David Attenborough was chosen to represent the world's people at the COP24 climate change summit in Poland.

VideoJun 2013

Alan Watts and Terence McKenna - A feeling of unity

(5:26) We shall be very harshly judged if we mess this up. Alan Watts and Terence McKenna talk about our need for a sense of unity as our global problems worsen and we become enemies of our planet and each other.