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VideoMay 2009

The World of Chemistry

Periodic party holds elements of fun

VideoOct 2011

Laser dyes, a Halloween special

Great but expensive way to brighten up your Halloween. Professor Poliakoff from Nottingham University explains how laser dyes work.


VideoJul 2011

The dangers of distilling alcohol

Following the explosion at an illegal alcohol distillery in Boston (UK), Professor Poliakoff from Nottingham University explains how alcohol is distilled and the dangers of the process. Quite interesting hearing a scientific description of an explosion.


VideoJul 2016

Neil deGrasse Tyson fills the gaps in the Periodic Table

(4:37) How did scientists know to leave gaps for undiscovered elements in the Periodic Table?

VideoDec 2015

Ellen meets 3-year-old Periodic Table expert

(5:09) Early days of a gifted chemist.


AnimationDec 2012

Solving the puzzle of the periodic table

(4:19) Eric Rosado narrates the story of the periodic table, a chart of the chemical elements arranged by atomic number.

VideoDec 2012

Inside the bullion vault of the Bank of England

(6:49) Professor Martyn Poliakoff from Nottingham University visits the Bank of England gold bullion vault to look at its £197 billion ($315 billion) worth of gold.