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97%VideoMar 2013

TYT - Jim Carrey's 'Cold Dead Hand' pisses off Fox News

(7:11) When Canadian comedian Jim Carrey made fun of Charlton Heston and his gun nut followers in a country song on, something really got up Fox News' barrel.


96%VideoDec 2012

Piers Morgan: You're an unbelievably stupid man

(12:27) Heated debate between Piers Morgan and Larry Pratt from gun lobbyists 'Gun Owners of America'.


96%VideoDec 2012

Piers Morgan vs Jesse Ventura on gun control

(4:25) American politician Jesse Ventura argues that the right to bear arms is actually for the people's protection against their own government turning into a brutal dictatorship.


96%VideoMar 2014

Piers Morgan bows out with a final message on gun control

(3:24) Piers Morgan blasts the NRA and American gun law in his signing off speech on the last CNN Piers Morgan Live show.


96%VideoJun 2014

Ricky Gervais solves gun control

(0:49) Opie and Anthony - Ricky Gervais takes questions on world problems. This is his simple solution to gun control.


96%VideoMar 2018

How the NRA hijacks gun control debates

(8:54) Why is the NRA, a group that represents the interests of gun manufacturers, taken seriously in debates about reducing gun violence?


95%VideoJan 2013

William Shatner: "Thank God for guns"

(1:01) Concealed carry in action, according to Hollywood.


95%VideoJan 2013

George Carlin - Gun enthusiasts and the NRA

(1:35) George Carlin comments on gun enthusiasts and Wayne LaPierre, the current VP of the NRA.


94%VideoSep 2013

Joe Biden's advice for women on self defence

(2:10) Earlier this year, US Vice President Joe Biden gave women advice on self-defence.

94%VideoJan 2013

Piers Morgan's explosive interview with Alex Jones #1

(7:21) Loud right-winged conspiracy theorist and radio host Alex Jones started a White House petition to get Piers Morgan deported from the US because of his strong stance on gun control. And so he was invited by Piers Morgan to explain his actions.