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87%VideoFeb 2013

Piers Morgan tests out assault rifles

(2:12) After being accused of not understanding guns through lack of experience, Piers Morgan visits a shooting range in Texas to find out what it's like to shoot the gun he so much wants banned.


87%VideoFeb 2013

Armed posse to patrol Arizona schools

(5:29) Believe it or not, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio is to send a volunteer "armed posse" to protect schools, headed up by action-movie tough guy, Steven Seagal!


87%VideoFeb 2013

What's the connection between US gun control and Chinese fireworks?

(9:59) Rational Hoplite argues that Chinese fireworks are culturally important and therefore the risks and injuries are worth it. The same should apply to guns in the US.

87%VideoMar 2013

Fully functional 3D printed guns - evil or good?

(11:01) Glenn Beck gets deep and discusses with Cody Wilson how this development in 3D printing is a game-changer for society.


87%VideoApr 2013

Buying a gun at Walmart

(1:58) Two French dudes go to Walmart to buy a gun.


87%VideoSep 2013

Message from Starbucks CEO to gun owners

(3:27) Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz respectfully requests that customers not bring weapons into Starbucks.


87%VideoSep 2015

The Gun Debate: Too Much Emotion, Not Enough Data?

(2:26) Freakonomics professor Stephen Dubner stresses the importance of data in the gun debate, of which there seems to be very little.


87%VideoOct 2015

When Republicans once believed in gun control

(1:53) Rolling Stone's reminder that zero tolerance for gun regulation is a new development in mainstream American politics.

87%VideoJan 2016

President Obama tears up during gun control speech

(2:00) An emotional US President Barack Obama unveiled new restrictions on gun purchases at the White House.


87%VideoJan 2016

AR15 and AK47 were developed for one purpose only

(2:51) Americans will never give up their guns, so how do we reduce the carnage?