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94%VideoJul 2015

Thunderf00t unplugged on Pluto

(13:39) British scientist and atheist blogger Philip Mason shares his thoughts on pictures just sent back from Pluto.

91%VideoJul 2017

A new NASA video shows Pluto in exquisite detail

(1:49) Scientists at NASA have used data from the New Horizons spacecraft to create flyovers that are even closer than the actual spacecraft flew.


90%VideoDec 2012

Can You Speak Venusian?

(3:38) Patrick Moore interviews a multi-linguist who can speak three space languages.


88%VideoJul 2015

New Horizons at the edge of the solar system

(2:52) 3 billion miles away, New Horizons is fast approaching Pluto.


88%VideoJul 2015

NASA's incredible Pluto mission, explained

(3:46) A tiny spacecraft has been travelling 9 years for this moment, to get a close look at Pluto.

87%AnimationMay 2014

Pluto's moons

(2:05) Pluto has at least five moons, but we'll have to wait until 2015 to find out more.

87%VideoJun 2015

The Year of Pluto

(2:40) NASA's New Horizons mission, which launched in 2006, is heading very quickly towards Pluto, with a flyby scheduled in 2015.


87%VideoJun 2015

New Horizons: July 14, 2015

(2:52) Launched in 2006, NASA’s New Horizons will speed past Pluto on July 14, 2015, beaming back high resolution photos and data of the dwarf planet’s surface.

87%VideoJul 2015

Prepare for a brief encounter with Pluto

(3:36) NASA's New Horizons space probe will pass Pluto on the 14th of July. Nature Video breaks down how the fly-by is planned.

87%VideoJul 2015

New Horizons rendezvous with Pluto

(2:28) Short film by James Malcolm using audio from NASA's briefings and social media web chats about the New Horizons mission to Pluto.