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VideoJul 2019

Sixty Symbols | The challenge of travelling between planets

(16:21) Astronomer Meghan Gray explains how we hop between planets which are all orbiting at different rates around the sun.

VideoNov 2014

Blind shrimp may hold clues to alien life

(2:16) It isn't immediately apparent how life at the bottom of the oceans could help us find life on Europa, one of Jupiter's moons.


VideoJun 2017

What has NASA's Juno discovered around Jupiter so far?

(7:52) It's been one year since NASA's Juno spacecraft arrived at Jupiter. What has it discovered? Actually, quite a lot.


VideoDec 2012

When the Moon ate Jupiter on Christmas Day

(1:43) Lunar occultation of Jupiter, 25 December 2012. Our solar system's largest planet Jupiter is masked by the Moon, as seen from Sao Bernardo do Campo, Brazil.


VideoDec 2017

NASA's simulated flight through Jupiter's Great Red Spot

(1:50) Jupiter's Great Red Spot is one of the biggest storms in our solar system.

VideoJul 2014

Bill Nye: We may discover life on Europa

(5:46) Science guy Bill Nye describes the possibility of discovering life on Europa, one of Jupiter's 67 confirmed moons.

AnimationJun 2016


(15:07) Animated tribute to NASA's Voyager space program by Canadian film director Santiago Menghini.

VideoJul 2017

Juno captures Jupiter’s Great Red Spot

(1:30) As NASA's Juno probe flew over Jupiter, it snapped photographs of the planet's most iconic feature, the Great Red Spot.

VideoFeb 2018

Juno, an epic journey to Jupiter

(7:42) The story of Juno, a spacecraft that left Earth in 2011 heading for Jupiter.


VideoJun 2019

What did New Horizons see on its journey to Pluto and beyond?

(10:04) NASA's New Horizons was the first spacecraft to explore Pluto and the strange Kuiper belt object, Ultima Thule more than 3 billion miles away.