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VideoAug 2016

How guns became so popular in America

(6:13) How America's population became a well armed, lightly trained militia.


VideoMar 2018

How the NRA hijacks gun control debates

(8:54) Why is the NRA, a group that represents the interests of gun manufacturers, taken seriously in debates about reducing gun violence?


VideoOct 2017

NRA (Nonsensical Rifle Addiction)

(3:14) There's something going on in the world. A situation we cannot ignore any longer.

VideoMar 2018

Who is NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch?

(1:24) Fighting lies with a clenched fist of truth.


VideoAug 2019

CNBC | The NRA are going bankrupt

(16:34) Is this the end of the NRA?

VideoApr 2008

Charlton Heston NRA spoof

Legendary Hollywood actor and National Rifle Association spokesman does a spoof advert for the NRA on SNL


VideoJul 2018

Sacha Baron Cohen - Who Is America?

(10:50) Anti-terror expert Erran Morrad proposes arming toddlers.

VideoFeb 2018

Delta cut ties with NRA

(2:27) Delta Airlines, and many other companies, are feeling the pressure from social media to boycott the NRA after the school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

VideoJul 2018

TYT - Sacha Baron Cohen destroys the NRA

(13:33) Cenk Uygur discusses the brilliance of Sacha Baron Cohen's latest series 'Who is America?'.


VideoMay 2016

The Daily Show - Donald Trump and the NRA

(9:01) After the NRA endorses Donald Trump, Trevor Noah looks at the political evolution of the gun rights organisation.