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98%VideoOct 2014

Glenn Greenwald: Why privacy matters

(20:42) If you have nothing to hide, then what's the problem? Extremely powerful TEDtalk by Glenn Greenwald, who was one of the first reporters to see the files leaked by Edward Snowden.

98%VideoNov 2013

Mikko Hypponen: How the NSA betrayed the world's trust

(19:19) George Orwell was optimistic. Computer security expert Mikko Hypponen summarises Edward Snowden's NSA revelations.


96%AnimationFeb 2014

Reclaim Our Privacy

(3:20) Big data turns out to be Big Brother.

96%VideoAug 2013

Judge Napolitano: NSA data used for more than terrorism

(4:28) It's not just meta data, it's also the content of every email, every phone call and every text message, whether the communication is domestic or foreign.

95%VideoJun 2013

Edward Snowden, hero or traitor?

(8:33) TV investigative journalist Ben Swann puts some meat on the Edward Snowden case asking the question: who has actually committed a crime - Snowden or the NSA?


95%VideoJul 2013

Noam Chomsky: Snowden should be honoured

(5:16) July 2013: Noam Chomsky asked for his views on the Snowden affair and the NSA's surveillance programs.


95%VideoAug 2013

The Tonight Show - Obama talks about Edward Snowden

(4:52) August 4, 2013: President Barack Obama, talks to Jay Leno about Edward Snowden and the NSA affair.


95%VideoOct 2013

Stop watching us

(3:25) is a coalition of more than 100 public advocacy organisations and companies from across the political spectrum.

94%VideoJun 2013

Steve Wozniak comments on America today

(4:23) Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak talks about how America is changing to something more akin to Russia.


94%VideoFeb 2014

TYT - Massive 'Optic Nerve' webcam spying program exposed

(8:11) GCHQ, with aid of the NSA, has intercepted and stored webcam images of millions of internet users not suspected of any wrongdoing, including substantial quantities of sexually explicit communications.