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96%VideoApr 2013

Historians conclude humans are stupid

(2:22) More worryingly, their stupidity is on the increase.


94%AnimationJun 2016

History of human histories

(10:05) The world feels like it's always been like this, but it hasn't.

94%VideoDec 2014

It's OK To Be Smart - There was no first human

(4:07) There was no first human. It sounds like a paradox, but it's the key to understanding how evolution works.


93%VideoJul 2018

Cat with human face



88%VideoJan 2013

How successful are human beings as a species?

(4:40) There are now over seven billion people on Earth. But how does that compare with other species?

88%AnimationFeb 2015

Life on Earth in 60 seconds

(1:48) The animals we know began to evolve around 570 million years ago. This is the story of life on Earth in 60 seconds.


88%VideoOct 2015

What did earlier humans really look like?

(1:33) Paleoartist John Gurche draws on fossil discoveries and forensic techniques to create reconstructions of our long-lost human ancestors.


88%VideoJun 2016

What would happen if humans disappeared?

(4:28) Imagine all humans suddenly disappeared from the planet. It doesn't matter why, just imagine the result.

88%AnimationDec 2016

The Human Era, a new history for humanity

(7:52) It is time to reframe how we think about our past. Happy 12017!


88%VideoApr 2017

It's Okay To Be Smart - Why are we the only humans left?

(7:31) What happened to Neanderthals? Or are they still with us?