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AnimationAug 2015

550 million years of human evolution


VideoOct 2015

Which is faster, human or horse?

(7:02) In an unpronounceable town in Wales, a long-distance race pits humans against horses.

VideoOct 2015

What did earlier humans really look like?

(1:33) Paleoartist John Gurche draws on fossil discoveries and forensic techniques to create reconstructions of our long-lost human ancestors.


VideoFeb 2020

Zefrank | Human Test #5 Regarding Creativity

(8:43) Are you human?

AnimationJun 2016

History of human histories

(10:05) The world feels like it's always been like this, but it hasn't.

VideoApr 2013

Historians conclude humans are stupid

(2:22) More worryingly, their stupidity is on the increase.


AnimationFeb 2015

Life on Earth in 60 seconds

(1:48) The animals we know began to evolve around 570 million years ago. This is the story of life on Earth in 60 seconds.


VideoJul 2016

How old is your body, really?

(3:08) Does anything remain with you throughout your entire life?


VideoDec 2014

It's OK To Be Smart - There was no first human

(4:07) There was no first human. It sounds like a paradox, but it's the key to understanding how evolution works.


VideoMay 2019

Anthropocene | Trailer

(2:11) We are now in the Anthropocene, the geological epoch where humans have permanently changed the planet.