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VideoMay 2009

Johnny Carson - The knack of tomahawk throwing

Ed 'Mingo' Ames shows off his skill and Jewish origins, in this clip from the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.


VideoDec 2007

Johnny Carson - Albert Brooks presents his impersonation kit

(4:01) Celeb mimic claims Burt Lancaster is a hot potato.

VideoOct 2009

Myrtle Young shows Johnny Carson her prize crisps (1987)

Myrtle broke Yogi Bear's neck

VideoSep 2018

When Burt Reynolds got intimate with Johnny Carson

(1:32) One good turn deserves another. Burt Reynolds on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, 1989.

VideoFeb 2013

Johnny Carson reads letters from 3rd graders

(3:32) 3rd graders were asked finish off well known proverbs, which at their age (8) they were unlikely to know.

VideoDec 2011

Jimmy Stewart reads his poem about his dog Beau

(4:21) American film actor James "Jimmy" Stewart, known for his distinctive voice, reads a moving poem he wrote about his dog Beau.