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VideoMar 2020

NowThis | Katie Porter challenges Jamie Dimon for a solution to a budgetary problem

(3:06) Katie Porter asked billionaire bank CEO Jamie Dimon to explain why he can't find the money to pay his employees a livable wage.


VideoOct 2011

Richard Wilkinson - How economic inequality harms societies

(16:55) Public health researcher Richard Wilkinson charts the hard data on economic inequality, and shows what happens when the gap between the rich and poor increases. This is the science the Occupy movement needs to back its case for a fairer more equal society.


AnimationMar 2013

Wealth inequality in America

(6:24) Reality is often not what we think it is.


VideoOct 2013

Robert Reich - Why are Americans so angry?

(3:42) American economist Robert Reich looks t why Americans are so bitterly divided.


VideoMay 2019

Robert Reich | Why we need a wealth tax

(3:51) The difference between income and wealth taxes, and why taxing wealth is needed to reduce inequality.


VideoOct 2014

How would you define neoliberalism?

(10:04) American scholar and cultural critic Henry Giroux on how democracy has become all about making money.


VideoJul 2019

David Pakman | Best economy ever, yet 40% can't pay their bills

(8:29) Donald Trump claims the US economy is the best in history, yet 40% of the population still struggle to pay their bills. How can this be?

VideoJul 2011

Malcolm Gladwell on income inequality today

Canadian writer for The New Yorker and best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell reminds us that in the 1950s and early 1960s, top earning Americans paid 91% income tax rate, and that didn't adversely affect economic growth or social cohesion. Today, the top rate of income tax in America is 35%.


VideoNov 2015

Alan Simpson: Hypocrisy is the original sin

(3:34) Former Republican politician Alan Simpson calls out wealthy companies for not supporting a $15 minimum wage.

VideoNov 2019

MSNBC | Is taxing the ultra-wealthy "punishing success"?

(11:20) American writer and forment NYT columnist Anand Giridharadas discusses philanthropy from the world's ultra rich.