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VideoJan 2020

The Boring Company's first tunnel to open in Las Vegas, 2020

(10:39) The Boring Company's fіrѕt commercial tunnel system wіll bе open fоr business ѕоmеtіmе іn 2020 - Elon time.


VideoSep 2016

Barcelona introduces "superblocks"

(5:30) Modern cities are designed for cars. But Barcelona is testing an urban design that gives the city back to pedestrians.

VideoJan 2017

How Switzerland is ready for the end of the world

(2:09) The Swiss are taking no chances.

VideoNov 2017

How Denmark is protecting its cities against climate change

(2:21) Former Danish minister of the environment Ida Auken explains the strategies being explored by Danish cities under threat from climate change.

VideoApr 2013

Town of Poynton revitalised

(14:56) A road traffic scheme in Poynton based on the idea of 'shared space' seems to be working well and reuniting a community that was in decline.


VideoAug 2018

Sea level rise is definitely a hockey stick

(4:28) Planning for 2m+ sea level rise by the end of the century.

VideoJul 2019

The B1M | 3 cool ways to cool our cities

(8:15) Three innovative ways to bring down the temperatures in urban areas.

VideoAug 2018

Self-driving cars won't save cities - here's what will

(10:42) One day, the steering wheel will fade into history like jello salad. So will self-driving cars improve our congested cities?

VideoOct 2019

60 Minutes | How the Dutch mitigate flood damage

(14:44) As climate scientists warn of more powerful storms, can the US learn from the Dutch?

AnimationJul 2015

One reason homes cost so much

(6:09) House prices in the UK are really high. Could one reason be that new developments are ugly?