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96%VideoApr 2013

Town of Poynton revitalised

(14:56) A road traffic scheme in Poynton based on the idea of 'shared space' seems to be working well and reuniting a community that was in decline.


93%VideoSep 2016

Barcelona introduces "superblocks"

(5:30) Modern cities are designed for cars. But Barcelona is testing an urban design that gives the city back to pedestrians.

88%AnimationJun 2015

How to make an attractive city

(14:20) We make so many beautiful things that work really well today. But why are cities so difficult to get right?

88%AnimationJul 2015

One reason homes cost so much

(6:09) House prices in the UK are really high. Could one reason be that new developments are ugly?


88%VideoJan 2017

How Switzerland is ready for the end of the world

(2:09) The Swiss are taking no chances.

88%VideoFeb 2017

Road junction design, Netherlands

(5:09) The Dutch design junctions in such a way that you can safely cycle or walk across them.

88%VideoMar 2017

Systematic safety, how many European countries make roads safer

(8:00) A system that is safe only if people don't make mistakes, is not a system that is made for humans.

88%VideoAug 2017

Berlin is a sponge city

(1:32) Working with nature, not against it.


88%AnimationMay 2018

Dubai evolution, 1960 - 2021

(4:40) Time-lapse animation showing Dubai evolution over 58 years, and 5 years of projects for completion by 2021.


88%VideoJul 2018

Finland's underground sports facilities that double as nuclear bunkers

(2:50) Under Helsinki there is a huge network of tunnels, that within three days can be converted into a bunker capable of housing the entire population of the city.