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97%VideoAug 2015

How to make your very own hologram

(2:20) Bored of new apps? Tutorial on how to turn your smartphone into a hologram projector.


96%VideoAug 2014

7 smartphone photography tricks

(3:08) Photographer Lorenz Holder demonstrates some creative smartphone photography using an iPhone 5S.

94%VideoDec 2013

Everything is a Remix - The iPhone

(7:49) Evolution of smartphone interface design.

94%VideoAug 2014

Brand new way for bad guys to steal you PIN number

(3:46) Best to be aware. Your PIN could be stolen with this simple and ingenious new method.


94%VideoSep 2015

Ants react to ringing iPhone

(0:21) An iPhone takes control over an army of ants.


94%AnimationDec 2013

The life of a smartphone

(5:37) Smartphones and tablets are among the most popular and useful consumer items today. But production produces a whole range of problems ranging from working conditions to environmental pollution.

93%VideoSep 2014

Frog TV

(1:35) Hop-by movie for local frogs.


91%VideoFeb 2014

Shark Tank - Cycloramic

(12:32) Sharks bicker and fight over Bruno Francois' vibrating Cycloramic app.


88%VideoMay 2014

Look Up - A spoken word film for an online generation

(4:59) A world where it's easier to connect with each another, but we end up spending more time alone.

88%VideoAug 2013

Apple lets police block iPhone features

(3:36) Smartphones are the bane of law-breaking cops. Ana Kasparian on how Apple technology now allows police to disable camera and video features at "sensitive events".